Vastu tips for business

Conference Room
Conference Room

key steps to business success

As per Vastu Conference/Meeting room should be placed in the East of South-East direction. This direction is best suited for a flow of Ideas and gaining useful connections. Keep this zone healthy.

The Entrance of an Office

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The Northern, Northwestern and Northeastern directions are usually believed to bring in a lot of positive energy. Thus, this is always recommended that the main entrance of an office should preferably be in any of these directions. You should keep in mind that the free flow of energy should not be obstructed through the main entrance of the office under any circumstances.

Have an Aquarium

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You should ideally place an aquarium towards the Northeastern part of the office space as per Vastu tips for business success. As per the guidelines of Vastu, an aquarium with one blackfish and nine goldfishes should be placed on the Northeastern side/corner of an office for bringing in the desired prosperity in the business.

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